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  • Sijiaoping Site: A Window into Chinese Civilization

    As one of China's top 10 new archaeological discoveries of 2023, the Sijiaoping site is located in Lixian county, Gansu province. This is a rare architectural site related to sacrificial rites of the Qin Dynasty, revealing the formation of early Chinese civilization.

  • Prolonged Sitting Leads to Body Rusting

    Generally, sitting for more than 30 minutes at a time is considered prolonged sitting. For many office workers and students, prolonged sitting is often inevitable, but it can give rise to issues like lumbar, cervical, and cardiovascular diseases. So, what effect does prolonged sitting have on bones and how can people perform stretches to alleviate stiffness?

  • Wearing Contact Lenses to Control Objects

    After putting on your contact lenses you now only need to move your eyes to control smart devices such as mobile phones to input text, draw, play games, and perform other touchless actions.

  • China's Low-orbit Broadband Satellite Internet in Thailand

    The first overseas application and exploration of China's low-orbit broadband satellite internet was recently established by GalaxySpace, a private satellite maker in Beijing, at a ground testing station at the Mahanakorn University of Technology (MUT) in Thailand.

  • New Tech Transforms Manufacturing Industry

    As new quality productive forces develop, the traditional manufacturing industry has become the backbone of the development through transformation and upgrading.

  • Staying Hydrated with Healthy Soup in Summer

    As the temperature rises, the amount of sweat produced by the human body increases, from  imperceptible perspiration to perceptible sweating. The water lost through sweat needs to be replenished through food and drinks. Liquid replenishment includes beverages such as water and tea, as well as soup. So, why should we not only drink water but also eat soup?

  • 4,000-Year Site Shows Evolution of Civilization

    The Mopanshan site in Langxi county, Anhui province in central China, was one of China's top 10 archaeological discoveries in 2023.

  • Tiny Robotic Insects with Great Power

    Under a pile of small stones, a four-legged "insect" moves like a real beetle. It is a microrobot "insect" only two centimeters long, one centimeter wide, and weighing 1.76 grams. Its vertical projection area is no larger than two nails.

  • Historic! Chang'e-6 Collects Samples from Far Side of Moon

    The ascender of China's Chang'e-6 probe lifted off from the lunar surface on June 4, carrying samples from the moon's far side, an unprecedented feat in lunar exploration history, according to the China National Space Administration.

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Revived China-Japan-ROK Summit a 'Golden Opportunity'

Experts and scholars from the three countries shared their insights on this high-level meeting and trilateral cooperation in economy, trade and technological innovation at the 2024 International Forum on Regional Cooperation and Development of China, Japan and the Republic of Korea held in Beijing on May 31.

Scooping a Treasure Chest Full of Lunar History, China's Lunar Mission Hailed by Int'l Scientific Community

China's Chang'e-6 lunar mission successfully landed on the far side of the moon within the South Pole-Aitken Basin. The historic mission has been celebrated by the international scientific community.