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  • Data Centers to Go Green

    Data centers, powered by enormous amounts of electricity, have never been so vital. They are becoming the key infrastructure supporting development of digital transformation and being an important foundation of the digital economy.

  • Photovoltaic Industry Helps Yunnan Shine

    Presently, Yunnan is going all out to become the country's photovoltaic hub by relying on its inborn resources and innovation environment.

  • Longxi Eyes TCM National Hub Status

    Natural advantages can be transformed into the momentum for development if well exploited, something that rings true for Longxi county.

  • IP Advantages Give Guangxi Gateway Status to ASEAN Countries

    Nanning high-tech zone (NHZ), in south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, has all the advantages needed to develop the intellectual property (IP) industry.

  • Influential Int'l Quantum Center Being Established in Hefei

    Hefei High-tech Zone (HHZ), located in east China's Anhui province, has been ranked among the top ten national high-tech zones for eight consecutive years.

  • Digital Economy, HHZ's Darling Industry

    Hangzhou High-tech Zone has always regarded digital economy as its competitive industry. It has created a whole industry chain for the core digital industry, and proposed solutions to help the upgrade of traditional manufacturing industries.

  • Sci-tech Commissioners: Vital for Rural Revitalization

    Sci-tech commissioners have contributed much to rural development over the last decade. Their research achievements have been transformed into real grass root projects on the ground, and helped to solve actual difficulties of people at grassroots level.

  • Shanghai Rolls out Regulations to Boost AI Development

    Local legislators in Shanghai have passed municipal regulations to further promote development of the artificial intelligence (AI) industry.

  • Nanotech Empowering Emerging Industries

    Guangzhou High-tech Zone (GHZ) is located in South China's Guangdong province. It actively promotes the original innovation of nanotechnology and accelerates its commercialization, aiming to become a national hub in these fields.

  • Biomedicine Industry Thrives in Yichang

    The biomedicine industry is known as a "sunrise industry" due to its close connection with high technology, broad development prospects and huge market potential. Yichang High-tech Zone (YHZ) is a prime example.

  • 30 Years On, WND Eyes More Foreign Investment

    This year marks the 30th anniversary of the establishment of Wuxi National High-tech District (WND) in east China's Jiangsu province. Over the past three decades, WND has capitalized on its advantages in technological innovation and developed into a key area to showcase opening-up and attract foreign investment.

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