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With the theme of “Innovation + Entrepreneurship”, TianTongTai International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Park is an international project for college students and hackers as well as a demonstration base. The park is aiming to integrate “industry, study and research”, strengthen cooperation between enterprises, research institutes and universities, provide all-around service for young entrepreneurs and lay a solid foundation for them.

目前社会经济发展放缓,企业用工整体需求下降,客观上就增加了就业压力,以高校毕业生为重点的青年就业问题更为突出。针对此问题,政府出台了一系列政策鼓励大学生自主创业,承诺为其减轻税费负担,提供资金支持,学生也可向所在大学申请用于创业起步阶段 的资金支持。

At present, as social and economic development is slowing down, the overall labor demand by enterprises dropped, which increases employment pressure objectively. In particular, the problem of youth employment focusing on college graduates becomes more serious. To cope with it, the government has put forward a series of policies, to encourage college students to start up their own business. What’s more, the government guaranteed that it will relieve their tax burden and provide financial support. At the same time, the students can apply for financial support for the initial stage of their business at their universities.

对于大学生来说创业意味着无限的可能,实现自己的梦想相信也是很多人一生的追求, 而天通泰国际双创产业园要做的就是通过提供一系列的服务支持,降低创业者的创业风险和创业成本,提高创业成功率,使企业可以落地生根茁壮成长起来。

Starting up a business means infinite possibilities to college students. We believe that many people’s lifetime pursuit is to realize their dreams. What we should do is providing a series of service support, to reduce the entrepreneurs’ risk and cost, increase success rate and help their business develop and thrive.

天通泰国际双创产业园将鼓励和支持大学生和年轻的创客们围绕高科技:清洁能源、通讯技术、水处理、资源回收、智能制造、农业设备、工业设计,文化创意产品和智能汽车工业等方向创新创业, 成就未来。

We will encourage and support college students and the hackers do the innovation and entrepreneurship in the field of hi-tech, clean energy, ICT, water treatment, resource recovery, intelligent manufacturing, agricultural equipment and smart car industry.


Service Content


You are not familiar with registration, tax affairs, finance and promotion of the company? Let us do it!

提供注册代办等服务,只需提供企业名称、注册范围等相关资料即可;工商、税务、金 融、保险、通信等各类综合业务;免费帮助建立企业网站、公众号、LOGO、名片设计。

You just need to provide company name, scope of registration and relative information, and we will help you with company registration and various comprehensive services, i.e., industry and commerce, tax affairs, finance, insurance and communication. We also help you build company website, official account, LOGO and business card design.


We help you with declaration of high-tech enterprise, R&D center, patent demonstration enterprise and S&T projects and talent projects. We also help you apply for special funds.

园区与银行、众筹平台、投资机构等金融服务机构合作,为园区内企业提供基本户设立、 支付结算、投融资、票据、上市辅导等全方位便捷的一站式金融服务。

The park cooperates with financial services institutions such as banks, crowdfunding platforms and investment institutions, providing enterprises inside the park with one-stop financial services, including basic account setting, payment and settlement, investment and financing, bills, pre-listing tutoring, etc.


You are interested in startup business but weak in power to realize it? We provide you preferential service and professional guidance!


The first 1000 enterprises which settle in the park enjoy different kinds of free services, including registration and business address fee.

邀请专家、学者、企业高管等指导创业,并安排创业导师开展企业公共培训,创业者可以免费试听课程,培训以线上为主,并在线下开展大型活动。投资对接、融资渠道等众多的 机会在这里等您!

We invite specialists, scholars and enterprise senior managers to provide instructions of employment and enterprising. What’s more, tutors will be arranged to have enterprise public training. The entrepreneurs are able to take a free trial. The training courses are mainly online and grand activities will be carried out offline. Opportunities of investment matching and financing channels are here waiting for you!


You know little about how to protect your intellectual property? Let us protect your lawful rights!


We help enterprises apply for patent, copyright and trademark; we coordinate different kinds of intellectual property disputes; we carry out legal training program occasionally and provide high-quality services.


We help to offer all-around IP service, includes determining rights, protecting rights, trading and operating.


If you have ideas and determination, join us!


Our Advantages

天通泰双创产业园具备多年的理论和实践经验,有国家层面上的政府资源及专家队伍给予支持,目前已与多个城市、地区产业园开展过项目合作;能够开展长期深入的全程服务, 真正从创业公司项目的长期利益出发提供针对性的务实服务;产业园的资源优势明显,目前与国内外顶级商业机构、高校、研究机构、投资集团等有着战略合作,遍及多个相关行业, 积累了丰富的行业资源。地方政府予以税收奖励、高新(科技)企业、人才引进、大学生创业、基础设施、创投基金、跨境电商等领域,公共孵化资源的政策支持。

同时,天通泰国际双创产业园与天通泰科技金融谷同为天通泰投资集团旗下兄弟公司, 京津两地守望相助,良好互动,天通泰科技金融谷丰富的金融资源能够为创新创业企业带来 发展和成长的助力。

With many years of theoretical analysis and experiences, Tiantongtai Dual Innovation Industrial Park is supported by government resources and specialists at a national level. So far we have carried out cooperative projects with many industrial parks in different cities and places; we can carry out long-term and intensive full service, to provide specific practical service in the long-term interests of the start-up projects. With obvious resource advantages, currently, we have strategic cooperation with domestic and foreign top commercial institutions, universities, research institutes and investment groups, covering many relevant industries, thus we have accumulated abundant industry resources. The local government gives taxation incentives to fields including high-tech (science and technology) enterprises, talent introduction, college students innovative undertaking, infrastructure, venture capital fund and trans-boundary e-commerce, and provide policy support for public incubation resource.

Meanwhile, together with TianTongTai Hi-tech Finance Valley in Beijing, TianTongTai International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Park in Tianjin, cooperate friendly and devote to the development of innovation and entrepreneurship corporations.