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Dynamic Zero-COVID Policy Correct:Foreign Expert

Source: Science and Technology Daily | 2022-05-18 16:38:44 | Author: Staff Reporters

By Staff Reporters

Dr. Misbahul Ferdous. (COURTESY PHOTO)

A doctor and a close observer of China's dynamic zero-COVID policy, Dr. Misbahul Ferdous, a Bangladeshi cardiologist working at FuwaiHospital, National Center for Cardiovascular Diseases Beijing and also working as vice president of Asian Society of Cardiology, took time out to share his insights on the policy with Science and Technology Daily recently.

"I saw and experienced everything in Beijing all by myself, not from the news media or hearsay from other people," Ferdous emphasized, labeling himself as "a truth defender."

He applauded China's capacity and swift action to suppress the pandemic based on its two years of combating COVID-19 experiences, further highlighting that the dynamic zero-COVID policy does not mean the whole country has no cases of infection.

In response to certain people's misconceptions about the policy, he underscored the essence of the policy, which includes prompt and targeted response efforts to prevent community spreading.

Despite the recent flare-ups of the epidemic in multiple places across the country, the overwhelming majority of Chinese people in most areas of the country can enjoy a normal life and work due to this policy.

According to Ferdous, for the past two years, China has proven many times that the successful application of its anti-pandemic policy brings COVID-19 under control at the minimum social cost in the shortest possible time so as to effectively protect its 1.4 billion people to the maximum.

"Chinese President Xi Jinping puts people's lives as his first priority and that is the idea we scientists and doctors need to promote," he said, adding that all these achievements come from the country's determination to value its people's lives first.

"China has made remarkable achievements, delivering real benefits to its people," he said, maintaining that those progress can be witnessed by the international community. Using his personal experiences, Ferdous offered an example that, "Unlike other countries' limited nucleic acid test spots, it may [only] take a walk for several minutes for people in China to take a voluntary test, just like going for a cup of coffee." People can obtain timely test results free of charge and get back to work without delay, striking a perfect balance between personal health and work arrangement.

"This country offers people, including me, a sense of security and happiness," he said, adding that China fully honors its promises to the people and never goes back on its word.

The principle of putting people and human life above anything else is the reason that China has adhered to the dynamic  zero-COVID  policy,  and  for  Chinese government,  not a single life is expendable in the fight against  the virus, he said.

Speaking of the "lying down" (non-feasance) policy adopted by some countries, Ferdous believed that the policy taken to combat COVID-19 should be tailored specifically for the country. From his perspective, China is a populous country with many senior citizens and the dynamic zero-COVID policy has effectively protected the elderly and vulnerable groups with underlying health conditions.

"For China, the dynamic zero-COVID policy is the most suitable and effective approach to fight against the pandemic. We do not have to live with the fear of infection," he said, concluding that China is one of the countries with the most successful COVID-19 response in the world.

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