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Hope Placed in Youth to Create a Brighter Future

Source: Science and Technology Daily | 2022-05-18 16:52:31 | Author: Ershad Shikdar

By Ershad Shikdar

Students attend the degree-awarding ceremony at Renmin University of China in Beijing.(PHOTO: XINHUA)

As a foreign journalist, I have been an eyewitness to the charismatic leadership of President Xi Jinping for the last few years. I have noticed how Xi takes care of everything important for China and humanity. Being the president of a country as vast as a continent, even the smallest things that he thinks are beneficial for his people cannot escape his attention.

Charged with the spirit of serving people and building the nation, Xi is often seen visiting rural families and construction sites to instruct and encourage his countrymen, which makes me think that he considers China his extended family, and the well-being of the family is always top of mind.

As Xi cares for every aspect of nation-building, the youth are also always on his mind. On different occasions, I have heard him speaking highly of and encouraging the younger generation of China. I have observed that he loves to be among the youth as he firmly believes that youth give rise to infinite hope, and that young people are the creators of a bright future.

While speaking at the recent ceremony marking the centenary of the Communist Youth League of China, Xi delivered an impressive speech for the youth of the country. The speech was hailed by all quarters as a morale-booster for the youth. I have also found the speech an effective tonic for reinvigorating the determination of the younger generation to dedicate their lives to materializing the two-century goals of China.

If we look at the tone of the speech, we can easily understand that Xi delivered the speech not only as the president, but also as a passionate leader, experienced teacher, caring guardian, and of course like a philosopher who cares about the future of his people.

In an effort to inspire the passion of patriotism among the youth, Xi advised them to get better united, organized, and mobilized to achieve the Second Centenary Goal and realize the Chinese Dream of national rejuvenation.

The speech was very timely for the younger generation, born in the new era where national rejuvenation is a major topic that needs to be addressed by Chinese youth. Now is the best time for young people to strive to deliver their best performance in realization of the Chinese dream. This is the need of the time they live in, as history has brought about the opportunity for them.

Also, Xi expected that the youth will unite and grow into new-era exemplary youths who have ideals, dare to assume responsibility, and are hardworking and able to endure hardship, so that they will develop momentum for national rejuvenation with their youthful energy  and  creativity,  and  build  a  better China with their youthful ingenuity and effort.

I was really mesmerized by listening to Xi advising the youth in the new era should be role models of upholding lofty ideals and firm beliefs, and fully promote patriotism. Exactly like a prudent teacher, he expected that the younger generation will play an exemplary role by studying hard and boldly engaging in innovation, while also trying their best to become backbone personnel and advanced youths.

Like a philosopher, Xi also asked them to be both brave and adept in carrying out any struggle, lead the way in rising to challenges and tackling tough problems, and refuse to be taken in by fallacies or to tremble in the face of danger.

As a patriotic leader, he encouraged the youth to be models of hard work and dedication, take the lead in remaining committed to standing on the side of the people, be realistic, pragmatic, and down-to-earth, while being the first to suffer hardship and the last to enjoy comfort.

The entire speech was full of inspiration for the youth, to set an example in acting in a good and virtuous manner and in observing a strict code of discipline, uphold public and personal morals, abide by disciplinary regulations and the law, and strictly fulfill their obligations.

The youth can easily draw precious lessons from the speech to improve moral cultivation, to remain honest and self-disciplined, hold regulations and the law in awe, speak and act prudently, constantly build up their willpower, perseverance, and self-control, and be people who always bear the public good in mind, have a strong sense of righteousness, and remain untainted by malpractices.

Ershad Shikdar is a journalist working in China for a Bangladeshi media outlet.

Editor: 龙云

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